About Us

Welcome to BaoAfrica! Here, we curate the finest collection of high end bespoke decor and lifestyle products, traditionally and authentically created in Africa.

BaoAfrica’s procurement team travel across the vast continent of Africa, seeking out and discovering budding artists and creators who customly hand-craft, paint, weave and sculpt majestic, yet timeless pieces of art that best represent the finest beauty which Africa has to offer.

Our Team

The creative roots of Bao Africa stem from Sonia Hayes, inspirational artist and acclaimed Interior Designer and Decorator. Born in Kenya and settled in South Africa, Sonia has spent her life devoted to harnessing the beauty of different African cultures and histories to inspire her creative pursuits. Skilled in the art of décor and design, Sonia scouts each artist by their unique artwork that is an expression/representation of Africa’s indigenous rich qualities that define the Continent’s signature of tradition.

Pricing, Delivery & Variations

Africa, is best described by the feeling it etches into your heart. The authentic and developing continent is home to unique artists who devote their lives to representing her natural beauty through their artwork. The one of a kind pieces of art are the physical form of an African tale told around the fire, it captivates all that she is! Owning a timeless piece of art scouted from the African outskirts allows you to experience all that Africa encompasses!