African Earth Pot

Created by an acclaimed ceramic artist born and raised in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, these personal creations take flight through the hands of professional potter Richard Pullen. Limited editions and custom designs are his signature and owing one of these very special pots ensures a bit of Bespoke African decor in your home.

Richard has been a potter since around age 15 and formalised his career by studying Ceramics at Technicon. Richard uses the wheel to form his pieces which are then fired to 1200c in an electric kiln or smoke fired with sawdust, seaweed, newspaper and wood in a large metal drum. Inspired by the flora and fauna around him, this artist likes to add distinctly African touches to his work. Whether a crackle finish, smokey colouring or organic shapes, these pieces make you feel as if different African cultures and ages have unified in a single creation.




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The smokey finish and unique texture combine with a sophisticated glaze to blend the traditional and modern. Owning one of these bespoke African pieces is owning a piece of Africa itself.

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Dimensions .23 × .28 cm