African Honey Bee Spoon

These one of a kind glass bead creations are handcrafted by the steady hand of a lamp work artist in KwaZulu Natal. Adding a distinctly African flavour to all her work, her palettes take the inspiration from the natural world around her in the Natal Midlands. Living amidst nature, the guinea fowl, giraffe, leopard and zebra, indigenous flora like the Protea and Lucky Bean Tree (Erythrina Lysistemon), sea life, and bright African prints converge in unique works of art at the end of her torch.

These mini masterpieces make every meal an occasion.

Who better to serve your honey than the African honey Bee. These unique beads reflect all of hive life in the comb, colours and even include a bee. Individual beads are sold – please enquire for pricing.

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The exclusive tableware is manufactured from hand crafted stainless steel. The handles are especially adapted to accommodate the individual beads and spacers. The lead free spacers enhance the glass with their intricate designs and patterns and lend some contrast to the glorious colours in the palettes. The glass is imported from Murano, Venice, due to its exceptional quality and colours created by their varying degrees of silica and copper content. The delicate pink glass used in the creating of the Protea Flower bead contains real gold.