Bait Ball

The most popular style of painting in Tanzania is Tinga Tinga so called after its’ originator Edward Saidi Tingatinga who became famous for paintings depicting big game and birds using a very 2 dimensional, stylized and flat style in bright colours. He used left over ceiling board as his canvas and bicycle enamel paint to create his artworks. Years later, the bright and flat artwork is used as inspiration by many talented artists to create decorative, cheerful paintings for any wall.

Most paintings like this one are still completed in the traditional enamel paints but artists prefer muslin or canvas to ceiling board which makes transportation a lot easier. This artwork is called Bait Ball and its’ talented creator is a young artist who has been painting for a living for the past 5 years. The Bait Ball is a stylized depiction of a fish haul and its’ multiple eyes and spiralling and repetitive pattern engaged me in a hypnotic way. This painting will add energy and life to any room.


61 x 61

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