Baobab cushions

60 x 60

Sold without inner

These embroidered bespoke cushions keep you connected to the Baobab tree rooted in Africa.  Understated elegance at it’s best, these timeless natural tones will work in any home (although we can be customise your cushions to suit your tastes).

Aids and HIV is rampant in South Africa with not only those who suffer with the disease but those who support grandchildren, nieces and nephews and other extended family members who have been left orphaned by the illness. In some of these homes, the eldest child alone takes care of his siblings living on the generosity of others. Some HIV victims are ostracised by their own kin and find it difficult to get work. This cushion was hand-made by women who are either suffering with the disease or supporting those families who are unable to make ends meet without financial assistance. Despite the sadness and struggle in their lives, they produce gorgeous designs connecting you to Africa through their creations.


Linen and cotton

Sold without inner

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Dimensions 60 × 60 cm