Bespoke elephant

These hand made elephants are keep-sakes which bring Africa right into your children’s lives. Not only iconic and recognisable animals, their fun and bright colours make them the irresistible. They light up every child’s face when they see them.

Aids and HIV is rampant in South Africa with not only those who suffer with the disease but those who support grandchildren, nieces and nephews and other extended family members who have been left orphaned by the illness. In some of these homes, the eldest child alone takes care of his siblings living on the generosity of others. Some HIV victims are ostracised by their own kin and find it difficult to get work. This elephant was made by women who are either suffering with the disease or supporting those families who are unable to make ends meet without financial assistance. Despite the sadness and struggle in their lives, they produce bright icons of joy and hope through their creations.

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Fabric and stuffing

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