Blue Ostrich & Buffalo Pumpkin Handbag

MJ resides in Zimbabwe and began his career creating and manufacturing canvas bags. Once he had perfected these, he moved on to exotic leathers preferring the durability and exclusivity the material offers. MJ designs and hand sews every bag, taking time to ensure that each one is perfect and up to international standards. His timeless bags are lined in gorgeous African prints and have an air of elegance and exclusivity to them. Just to hold one reminds you that quality never goes out of style.

This is a spacious and stylish handbag is designed for daily use. The pumpkin inspired design is achieved using alternating Ostrich and Buffalo leather in blue and cream.

If you love the style but not the colour, don’t worry, we can customise this bag in any colour and selected in (almost any) ethically sourced leather of your choice. Let us know if you would like a quote on your dream bag.


Width 30 x Length 28

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Dimensions 28 × 30 cm

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