Brown & Blue Cashew Fabric

Batik smallest bale gold, brown floral design on blue background. There is enough of this to cover a single chair or multiple cushions. Suitable for light upholstery.

Wax printed African designs have become iconic in various parts of Africa. Blending Eastern styles with African colour and batik designs, these fabrics are rich with detail and meaning and their designs are now even used to communicate meaning. Open cages with flying birds are cheekily worn at West African engagement parties by betrothed women suggesting that they are not quite caught yet…

The fabrics are created in a traditional wax cloth fashion. Simply washed with salt water, the wax washes out and leaves these crisp and vibrant designs behind which show little difference front to back.

Most designs are geometric and colourful blending shocking and contrasting colours together which make for an eyeful. Our designer and shopper has personally selected out of thousands of such fabrics only the most stunning items for BAO AFRICA taking cognisance of how these gorgeous fabrics might add to or be the source of inspiration for many tasteful homes. This fabric is sold by 6 yard bales of pure cotton and are limited in number. Some items are just a single bale. Each is unique in its “flaws” and once sold, there are no repeat purchases. This is your opportunity to add a fabric to your home which is truly one of a kind.


Length 3,60m x Width 1.12m

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