Elephant Fighting Painting

This talented Zimbabwean born artist is self taught and fascinated with the African women who bear the brunt of the brutal life in Africa. Here he focuses on moments in the wild that tell a story and capture a part of African life.

The matriarchal elephant leaves a lot of time for elephant bulls to be completely idle. More often than not, these bulls get together with their comrades and do the elephant equivalent of arm-wrestling. They figure out dominance by fighting. However it is not uncommon to watch elephants in Musth. This is a periodic condition in bull elephants most obvious by their wet area behind their eye on the side of their heads. This is a dangerous time to be around such an individual as they exhibit highly aggressive behaviour accompanying a large rise in testosterone. At these times, bulls will fight to the death. This painting captures the awesome moment when two colossal giants clash, surrounded in dust and trumpet sounds.

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Oil on canvas.

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