Masaai Lady Painting


L 1.50 x W 1.30

This talented Zimbabwean born artist is self taught and fascinated with the African women who bear the brunt of the brutal life in Africa. Seeking out faces whose eyes and lines etched into their skin tell the story of Africa and the difficulties of supporting families, raising children and surviving in harsh conditions.

Masaai women live in poverty and subjugation where female circumcision is still wildly practised. These women are bought and owned for the price of cattle and gold. This tribe live for their cattle and wear cloth mirroring Scottish tartan and even carrying a weapon reminiscent of the dirk. With spears and blades tucked into their kikois, the Masaai men fend off lions and protect their cattle with their lives. Dancing and jumping, this tall tribe are highly decorated and carry a rich cultural history.

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Oil on canvas.

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