Patchwork Nguni Carpet

Why is the Nguni Cow special to Southern Africa you may ask. There are other similar breeds in Brazil and those who don’t know the breed may just want to draw a simple comparison. But those in know acknowledge that the Nguni is special and unique and know no rival bringing centuries of breeding in Southern Africa to the iconic cattle breed.

Known to many as the most attractive of cattle due to its diverse and patterned hides, this medium sized hybrid breed were introduced to South Africa through the Bantu speaking tribes when they migrated to the South between 600 and 1400 AD.

These cows are a currency to this day in tribal economics and King Shaka of the Zulus used different patterned hides to define different regiments in his army.

Most Nguni are a single colour, but highly prized hides show a blend of different colours. When you buy Nguni you buy the heart of Southern Africa and a pathway to the ages of its rich tribal history.



Getting Nguni hides for the floor to match is almost impossible with the hides being one of a kind. However, with a kaleidoscope of different hide colours blended together in a pattern, matching carpets and regular shapes become not only possible but utterly gorgeous.

With a kaleidoscope of different hide colours blended together in a diamond pattern, this carpet will bring the heart of Southern Africa into your home.

Size is not an issue – choose your own dimensions and we will deliver you your bespoke African carpet.

R1 900 per square meter.

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