Pendant Chandelier

These handmade chandeliers are part of a strategic decision on the part of the manufacturer to create sustainable jobs for disadvantaged women in South Africa. All the ladies involved in the making and creating of these unique art works are HIV affected and a large part of the project is to help them regain their self-worth and confidence. Over 157 families benefit from these amazing products.

The hand rolled beads form the main part of the manufacturer’s ethos whereby, despite the costs, ceramic beads are created from scratch creating sustainable employment and a product that can never be compared to cheap plastics or wooden beads. We know your chandelier is durable and will last forever because the strength of these extraordinary beads is in that they are first created from stronger recycled paper clay and then after being dip dyed, they are baked in kilns creating a very robust bead. The use of recycled paper clay also serves to reduce the weight of the chandeliers whilst supporting recycling so when you buy our chandeliers, you know you are doing your bit for the environment.

A range of stunning hand crafted chandeliers are created using unique designs inspired by timeless classical styles from around the world but using home grown clay, artisans and palettes from our beautiful KwaZulu Natal surroundings, these centre pieces have a uniquely South African flavour.

Our carefully selected chandeliers are offered in a variety of sizes and colours to suit any style or size room. Custom designs are happily accepted as a breath of fresh air and an opportunity to create something new.

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Choose a colour from our range or any Dulux colour and we will manufacture your bespoke handmade African Chandelier.

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