Queen Nandi

The heritage of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa belongs to the proud nation of the Zulu. The Zulu women are known for their exceptionally fine beadwork. This group of ladies from Ulundi still produce traditional beadwork in well-known primary colours but have worked towards a more diverse market producing fine jewellery in more complimentary and modern colour schemes and integrating them into stunning designs for a discerning market.

The leader of this group gathers her inspiration from dreams and she tries to capture the colours from her sleep in her beadwork. Passionate about her heritage, she regularly runs training programmes to encourage the tradition of beading. These are largely self-funded from the proceeds of her jewellery. She retains the very best beaders from her programme to help her produce these unique, stunning and upmarket centre pieces. Designed to make a statement and add real style to even the most ordinary outfit, these are to be worn with pride whenever you want to feel like a Queen.

This is as the name suggest, the Queen of the collection. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with this stunning neck piece that mirrors Victorian dress. There’s no question that with this outfit, you will be the Belle of the Ball.

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Zulu bead on string.

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Necklace, Earrings

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