Tantalizing Africa Serving Bowls

Varying sizes due to the shape of the tree

Sold without ramekin

If you’ve ever travelled around South Africa and visited Pretoria or Pietermaritzburg in late Spring, you would have been mesmerised by carpets of purple fallen flowers and royal arches above you as you travel around these historical cities. Whilst the Jacaranda tree is an alien species in South Africa and locals are prohibited from planting them, decades old trees line the streets and give both towns their hall mark splendour as Summer approaches.

From wedding DJ’s to masters of wood and rustic decor, a father and son team from Kwa-Zulu Natal are taking fallen, irreplaceable Jacaranda trees in South Africa and turning them into exquisite bespoke African accessories to compliment your home and provide the perfect serving bowl for your guests. Bark on, polished and preserved forever, let this bowl fill your soul with Africa.




Sold without ramiken

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